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Acupuncture Winnipeg - Acupuncture is a type of Conventional Chinese Medicine or also called TCM that has been utilized in China for thousands of years. It includes sticking solid and fine needles into the body at particular points. Acupuncture is intended to be able to deal with imbalances inside the body and release blocked energy. These imbalances may result in ill health and lead to poor well-being. The popularity of acupuncture has grown greatly in the West, although it is considered a comparatively new introduction to our medical library.

This type of healing is based on the theory that every individual is filled with a life force energy referred to as Chi or Qi. Balanced Qi or Chi needs the masculine yin and feminine yang elements of the body are balanced and aligned. When in correct balance, the qi would flow smoothly through the body along meridians of power. Whenever someone is unhealthy, this suggests that there is an imbalance or obstruction which has to be corrected. A TCM practitioner talks to the patient regarding the condition and can choose to utilize acupuncture, among various modalities, so as to treat it.

In an acupuncture session, the patient lies flat upon a table that is adapted to the height of the technician. The client could be asked to undress and be draped with blankets for modesty or the person could remain fully dressed based upon where the needles are placed. Acupuncture needles are inserted into several points of the body. The needles enter at angles ranging from fifteen degrees relative to the skin to ninety degrees, which depends on the practitioner's judgment. When the needles have been inserted, they can be controlled by hand in twisting motions, cooled, gently vibrated, heated or electrified with a gentle current to stimulate the meridian.

After the session is finish, the patient might feel relaxed or invigorated. Based upon the session and on the patient, the results will differ widely. The initial cause of the problem could take a number of acupuncture sessions to eradicate it altogether or it could have resolved itself. The session must not be painful. If positioned right, the needles do not lead to bleeding or bruising. So as to acquire a productive acupuncture session, it is essential that you seek out a qualified acupuncturist who has attended a Traditional Chinese Medicine school.

Generally, in the West, acupuncture is used as a complementary form of medicine. It is normally combined along with other treatments for maximum success. Studies conducted on acupuncture in the West suggest that it might help to treat nerve conditions, relieve pain, asthma, headaches, address vomiting and nausea. It has proven helpful for conditions such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and fibromyalgia among others. The World Health Organization recommends acupuncture to assist with stress, substance abuse and allergies.

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