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Homeopathic Doctors Winnipeg - The organ called the gallbladder is a tiny organ that helps in digestion of fat, and concentrates the bile which that the liver produced. The gallbladder is referred to in vertebrates as the cholecyst, Biliary Vesicle and gall bladder. The loss of the gallbladder in humans is normally well tolerated. Some people have it removed through surgery for medical reasons.

Human Anatomy

The gallbladder of an average adult will measure approximately 3.1 inches or 8 centimeters long and is around 1.6 inches or 4 centimeters when fully distended. Divided into three parts, the gallbladder consists of the body, the neck and the fundus. The neck tapers and connects to the biliary tree via the cystic duct. Next this duct joins the common hepatic duct and becomes the common bile duct. At the gallbladder's neck, there is a mucosal fold located there by the name of Hartmann's pouch. This is a common spot for gallstones to become stuck. The angle of the gallbladder is situated between the coastal margin and the lateral margin of the rectus abdominis muscle.


When food containing fat enters into the digestive tract, the secretion of CCK or cholecystokinin is stimulated. The gallbladder of the human adult is capable of storing around 1.8 oz or 50 mL of bile. With regards to CCK, the gallbladder releases its contents into the duodenum. Originally, the bile duct is made within the liver. It helps to blend fats in food which is partially digested. Bile becomes more concentrated during its storage in the gallbladder. This concentration intensifies its effects on fats and increases its potency.

In 2009, a particular demonstration found that the removed gallbladder from an individual expressing some pancreatic hormones including insulin. It was thought before that insulin was made in pancreatic cells. This surprising information found evidence that ?-like cells do take place outside of the human pancreas. Some consider that as the gallbladder and the pancreas are close to each other in embryonic development, there is tremendous potential in derivation of endocrine pancreatic progenitor cells from gallbladders of human beings that are available following cholecystectomy.

In Animals

Invertebrates have gallbladders, whereas the majority of vertebrates have gallbladders. Among all species, the arrangement of the bile ducts and the form of the organ could differ quite considerably. Like for instance, humans have one common bile duct, whilst numerous kinds have separate ducts running to the intestine. There are several kinds which lack a gallbladder altogether like: different kinds of birds, lampreys, rats, horses, deer and different lamoids.

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