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Food Allergy Testing Winnipeg - Officially referred to as apthous ulcers, canker sores are an irritated form of mouth ulcer. They appear as a painful open sore normally in of the mouth and sometimes on the upper throat. Canker sores are characterized by a break in the mucus membrane. The word aphtha means ulcer and it has been utilized for a lot of years to define areas of ulceration on mucus membranes. Recurring aphthous stomatitis or also called RAS could be distinguished from similar appearing oral lesions consisting of herpes simplex or some oral bacteria, because of their chronic nature and their multiplicity.

Although canker sores are not infectious, the real cause is unknown. Various people develop canker sores because of consuming too much acidic fruit. The condition is referred to as Sutton's Disease or apthous stomatitis in the case of major recurring or multiple ulcers. At least 10 percent of the population suffers from recurring canker sores. It is amongst the most common oral conditions and it seems to affect women more compared to men. About 30 to 40% of individuals who have recurring apthae report a family history.

According to the diameter of the lesion, canker sores are clinically classified. Lesions the size of 3 to 10mm are known as minor aphthous ulcers or minor ulcerations. The appearance of the lesion is an erythematious halo with a greyish or yellowish color. Throughout this time, the ulcer can be extremely painful and the affected lip area could swell. This can last up to a couple of weeks. Major ulcerations have the same appearance but are larger than 10mm in diameter. Because of how painful they are and their size, they could take more than a month to heal and often leave a scar. Usually these lesions occur on movable non-keratinizing oral surfaces but the ulcer border could also extend onto keratinized surfaces. Normally, these canker sores develop after teenage years with frequent recurrences.

Herpetiform Ulcerations

The herpetiform ulcerations are the most severe form. The start of these lesions is usually in adulthood and takes place more often in females. These types of canker sores typically heal in less than one month and normally have no scarring. It is often recommended to use some supportive treatments.

Signs and Symptoms

The apthous ulcer is characterized as a big aphthous ulcer on the lower lip. These ulcers normally begin with a tingling or burning sensation. Within a few days, they usually progress to a red spot or a bump that is followed by an open ulcer. This particular ulcer appears as a white or yellow oval which has an inflamed red border. Sometimes there is a white halo or circle all-around the lesion that could be seen. These grey or yellow or white colored parts within the red boundary is formed by layers of fibrin which is a protein involved in the clotting of blood.

These forms of ulcer are normally really painful. When agitated, they can likewise bring about a painful swelling of the lymph nodes just below the jaw. This pain can be mistaken for a toothache and one more symptom is a fever. Sores taking place on the gums could be accompanied by discomfort or pain in the teeth.


There are numerous contributing factors to aphthous ulcers although the exact cause is unknown. Various reasons consist of sudden weight loss, stress, citrus fruits like for example oranges and lemons, lack of sleep, food allergies, some vitamin deficiencies like for example folic acid, iron and B12 may even contribute. Physical trauma and immune system reactions can also bring them on. Various kinds of chemotherapy and Nicorandil are also connected to aphthous ulcers. Various studies have shown a strong correlation of canker sores and cow's milk. These lesions are normally found in individuals who suffer from Crohn's disease and are also a major manifestation of Beh├?┬žet disease.

Trauma to the mouth is the most common trigger of ulcers. Abrasive foods like for instance potato chips could result in laceration. Moreover, toothbrush abrasions and toast has been some known precursors. Accidental biting or dental braces can also break the mucous membrane which can develop into aphthous ulcers. Different factors like for instance chemical irritants or thermal injury can also result in the development of ulcers. Various people have also benefited from diets free of gluten.

Oral measures

When wearing braces, applying wax on top of the dental bracket may help prevent physical trauma to the mouth. These refer to traumas which occur on the oral mucosa with the wax being able to reduce the abrasion and friction. For some individuals, switching toothpaste has proven beneficial. Looking for a more naturally based brand name which is free from sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium dodecyl sulphate can be useful. This detergent is found in most of toothpastes and making use of a paste which does not contain this particular component has been shown in several studies to be able to help decrease the recurrence, size and amount of ulcers.

A deficiency in zinc has even been reported in individuals with recurrent aphthous ulcers. Though these studies have showed no direct therapeutic effect, the supplementation has reported positive results for individuals who have deficiency.


There are various treatments obtainable for apthous ulcers consisting of aesthetic agents, analgesics, antiseptics, anti-inflammatory agents, tetracycline suspension and silver nitrate. Another item found helpful has been Amlexanox paste which has been known to speed healing and alleviate pain.

Vitamin B12 is one of the supplements which have been found beneficial. The dietary supplement L-lysine has been utilized to treat cold sores and herpes type lesions, however this supplement has shown no benefits on canker sores. It can be helpful to avoid spicy food and rinse the mouth with salt water.

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