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Best Naturopath Winnipeg - Hypercholesterolemia is the term for the occurrence of high cholesterol levels within the blood. It is considered a metabolic derangement and not a sickness, that can be triggered or caused by many illnesses, especially cardiovascular disease. Hypercholesterolemia is directly related to the terms hyperlipoproteinemia, which means high levels of lipoproteins in the blood and hyperlipidemia that means high lipid levels in the blood.

Several elements can bring about the rise of cholesterol levels within the blood. Abnormalities in the levels of lipoproteins in the blood, could lead to elevated cholesterol levels in the blood. Lipoprotiens are the particles which are responsible for carrying cholesterol within the bloodstream. Genetic factors such as LDL receptor mutations found in familial hypercholesterolemia, diet and illnesses such as underactive thyroid or diabetes could all be contributing problems. The type of hypercholesterolemia is determined by which particle kind is existing in excess, for example, low-density lipoprotein or LDL.

High cholesterol can be treated by reducing cholesterol intake, and by ingesting different medications. For specifically severe subtypes, a surgical procedure may be required but this is a rare alternative.

Signs and Symptoms

When there are yellowish-coloured patches comprising cholesterol deposits found in the eyelids is referred to as Xanthelasma palpebrarum. This is a common symptom in individuals who have familial hypercholesterolemia.

Hypercholesterolemia is an asymptomatic condition, although the longstanding elevation of serum cholesterol which could lead to atherosclerosis. The formation of atheromatous plaques within the arteries can be caused by chronically elevated serum cholesterol. This can take decades to develop. This condition leads to the progressive stenosis or narrowing of the involved arteries. In some patients, complete occlusion or blockage could occur. These stenotic or occluded arteries greatly diminish organ function due to the lack of blood supply to the affected tissues and organs. In the end, organ function becomes impaired. It is at this time that restriction in blood supply, known as tissue ischemia can manifest as specific symptoms.

A TIA or likewise called transient ischemic attack is momentary ischemia of the brain. This condition could manifest as dizziness, aphasia or difficult breathing, momentary vision loss, paresis or weakness and numbness or tingling on one side of the body called paresthesia. When not enough blood is being supplied to the heart, chest pain can be the result. If ischemia of the eye occurs, a temporary visual loss could happen in one eye. Calf pain felt while walking can be due to not enough blood supply in the legs and insufficient blood supply in the intestines could present as abdominal pain after eating.

The many types of hypercholesterolemia can come about in numerous ways. There could be gray or white discolorations of the peripheral cornea, called arcus senilis and a deposition of yellowish cholesterol rich material called xanthomata, that could be found on the tendons, specifically the finger tendons. Type III hyperlipidema can be related with xanthomata of the elbows, knees and palms.

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